Find great things faster.

A platform to search recommendations from people you trust. Spend less time deciding and more time enjoying.

Invite only. Ask your friends.

Personalized and trustworthy results

Easy sharing with friends

Save for later & collections

Feeling overwhemled by too many options?

Are you tired of clicking through dozens of search results to see if they are actually any good? Unable to decide based on anonymous reviews that all kind of look the same? Tired of organizing your recommendations youself?

Yeah, that's what we thought. That's why we are building VENN.

Looking for something? Or...

Want to be inspired by others? Share your favorites with ease? Organize your picks? Save search results for later?

Cool, you need VENN in your life.

Find faster

Spend your time on doing great things, not on searching for them.

Collect your top picks

We are building a central home for everything you like. The days of scattered data is over.

Share the joy

We love these things in life that make us happy. Why not share with others?

Do something

Use our quick actions to see the movie you like, book that table, buy that book.. you get it.

Stay private

We don't track you around the web. We do not sell your data. We do not share your data.

Be happier

Do something nice with the time you save by not searching for hours a month and feeling the frustration.

Finally an app that gives me valuable and tailored suggestions based on my interests and social circle!


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Search with text queries. Select tags to filter. Pick your favorite visual mode.


Save your favorites. Share them easily with your connections.


Curate your top picks. Start your own lists. Express yourself.


Share your lists with non-VENNers. Get a link with the press of a button.

All of this built on web3 principles.
Privacy & data control, voting rights, financial participation and more.