About Us

Introducing Venn! Our vision is to build an app that brings social recommendations online. We are currently in the pre-launch phase and will launch our product October 16.

Life belongs to the brave!

We are two tech founders with a passion to build and deliver products people love.

Mark Dembo
Till Bauer

Our culture

How we do it

We tell the truth or stay silent. We are transparent unless otherwise required. We do not inflate the truth.

We stand for our mistakes and learn from them. We review our processes, keep what is working for us and improve what is not working. We challenge our product and increase its value continuously.

We work less but work hard. We aim to automate tasks that do not add value. We work on fewer tasks at once but complete the active ones.

We are open for critique. We share success with our team. We let others do the talking about us.

We create a workplace that fosters both physical health and mental health. We encourage meaningful relationships inside and outside work.