Bringing trust to the internet

We believe that trust networks powered by the blockchain and other web3 technologies will revolutionize the internet and solve a multitude of problems across domains.
From online search to media and much more.

Why it matters

We live in the disinformation age. Thousands of likes can be bought for a few dollars. Flooding the internet with comments, content pieces and websites becomes easier day by day thanks to AI and automation. Search engines fight a constant battle against manipulation. Fake news can be witnessed everywhere. Our access to information and media is heavily dependent on big tech.

Figuring out what and who to trust online becomes harder and harder. Filtering through irrelevant search results increases search cost. Cross-checking product views that might be fake takes effort.

Our goals

We want to build a trust network that solves real problems, benefits the users first that is secure and easy to use.


The VENN app is only one of many use cases for the VENN trust network. Long-term we want to make the system available to all developers to use.


Centralized situations are easy to manipulate, are often opaque and offer a great attack vector. Our trust network aims to be resilient to attacks.

Easy to use

Current solutions all require technical expertise or combinations of different tools. We want to make the technology accessible to anyone.

Use Cases

Trust networks provide a lot of value due to their high security and wide application space. Selected examples below:


SEO manipulation, SEO bombing and spamming, ranking manipulations and fake reviews have become severe problems in search. Trust networks and graph-based algorithms could reduce attack vectors significantly.


Trust networks could solve large scale human/bot attacks with false information as users could simply filter out untrusted sources.

DAO Organization

Using trust networks, organizations could introduce and describe hierarchies. Moreover, they could manage voting rights, permissions and much more.