Putting users first

We are firm believers in web3 principles. Do you want to know why? Read below.

Why it matters

Todays internet is highly centralized. This means that we face a quasi monopoly/duopoly in a lot of domains. Individual end users are dependant on services or companies and have close to no say, control and do not participate in profits even though their attention and data is being monetized. Web3 aims to change this.

Learn more about web3 here and here.

web3 at VENN

We are building a platform and community that benefits users first.


Long-term we want VENN to run fully decentralized, so that data ownership is ensured and no single point of control exists.


Users will fully participate in VENN's success by earning VENN tokens that can be traded freely.


In the future the VENN DAO will control the future of VENN. Every token will have voting power and shape the platform's future.


Are you interested in the details? How the tokenomics work? What the incentives look like? Read our whitepaper!